Arnold Schwarzenegger - Beehive Illustration

Arnie creates a BUZZ....

5 June 2015
Arnie sees the painting

This is an email I received from Victor earlier this week: 

Hi Paul, Something amazing happened! I made an oil painting for Arnold Shwarzenegger`s VIP room in Arnold Classic Brazil 2015. He liked it and took it to Los Angeles!! It was a wonderful moment! The painting is about the time when he was training for Mr Olympia contest in 1977. I made a long research finding facts of his life. That crowd in the scene are old friends of Arnold`s. One of them is very special. It`s the Italian Franco Columbu. They`re best friends until this date. Arnold is serving him food in the painting. Arnold gently caressed Columbu's face in the painting as you`ll see in the 15th picture. It happened in Rio last Saturday, 30th May 2015.

Fantastic work Victor and well researched. I sense a new career path developing for Victor and thank you Mr Schwarzenegger from all your biggest fans at Beehive ;)