Beehive Illustration

Feature Month: Women in traditionally male roles!

30 August 2021

We have been receiving some wonderful artworks from our talented illustrators to celebrate this months theme of the important work women do in traditionally male dominated roles. This is to commemorate when votes to women officially became part of the US constitution in 1920.

Some of the entries include illustrations of real life historical woman as fire women, astronauts, farmers, pilots, musicians and post workers. Showing the diversity of formally male dominated roles that woman have completed and what a massively positive contribution they have made to society, the war effort and human progress overall.

It is very important to recognise the extra effort that some women have had to make to be seen as equals and prove their worth to society. We can see throughout history the valuable work that woman have done, how brave, courageous and inspiring they have been and we thank our illustrators for supporting equality by sending in their images.

Illustration credits: Title image Womens equality by Alicia Arlandis, Composer by Rosie Brooks, Astronaut by Ana Bidault, Pilot by Roblin Lawrie, Chromosomes by Serineh Eliasian.