Beehive Illustration

Getting To Know The Bees! Valeria Abatzoglu

27 July 2021

We have a deluge of artworks here at the Hive on different themes, for different age ranges, in every colour imaginable and every animal known to man, even the lesser known Narwhals. So who beholds the creativity to conjure up these master pieces? We want to find out! Introducing "getting to know the Bees" where we ask the talented artists questions to find out more than just what they can draw!

Hello to Valeria Abatzoglu, whose work is full of fairy tale fantasy and mystical mythology.

Tell us about where you live and work?

I currently live in Rome, Italy, and work from home, in my little corner of dreams.

What Beehive project are you most proud of?

I am really proud of all the projects I have worked on. I loved them one by one.

What is your favourite drawing or painting in your portfolio and why?

I don't have a favourite drawing. Every illustration I make is a piece of me, where I put all of my feelings.

What do you do to overcome a creative block?

I have learned lately, that when I have an art block, the best thing to do, for me, is to distract myself doing something else or even just rest.

If you could pick anyone, who would you pick as your mentor and why?

It is difficult to choose just one. I admire the work of many people, starting with Beatrix Potter, for her tenacity and strength in following her dream and creating fantastic stories. Mucha, for how delicate he is. Ivan Bilibin who has always enchanted me since I was a child.

Without forgetting Walt Disney, who made everyone dream.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some of them now, but I could never choose one as a mentor. Everyone has something beautiful.