Getting to know the Bees - Carol Sartori - Beehive Illustration

Getting to know the Bees! Carol Sartori

8 February 2024
Getting to know the Bees - Carol Sartori

We are thrilled that Brazilian illustrator Carol Sartori joined the Hive 6 months ago. Carol has a wealth of experience working in the educational market. Her lively, energetic style and engaging characters leap off the page.

Hear what Beehive Agent Christina Bagshaw has to say about Carol:

"Carol is warm and friendly with excellent communication. Her portfolio shows a wonderful mix of diversity. We love having her as part of the Beehive team."

Christina Bagshaw - Beehive Illustration

Let's take a look at Carol's studio life, what inspires her and her future ambitions.

Please can you tell us where you are from and where do you currently live and work? Has this effected your work?

Carol Sartori

I'm from and live in Santo André - SP in Brazil! For most of my career I've worked from home, but I have worked for two different studios in São Paulo as a 2D and Stop-Motion animator (now I only work as an illustrator). I'm lucky to live near such a big capital in Latin America, which has helped a lot with big opportunities and great art schools. I love working from home with my cat near me, my tools, my chair... I love having this little space for myself and being free while creating.

Who or what inspired you to be an illustrator?

As a kid I loved reading books with beautiful illustrations, sometimes I wouldn't even read them, I would just look at the pictures and capture all the details the artist put into them. I'd always choose the books based on how much I liked the illustrations inside, I didn't really care as much about the theme hahaha. I just wanted to dive into the colourful mind of the artist. I would always draw whenever I could! My parents put me into drawing lessons when I was nine and I haven't stopped since. In 2018 I illustrated my first children's book 'Como será meu dia', it was a major high point for me.

Carol Sartori

What is a typical day in the studio like for you?

I usually start reading the most urgent emails and deal with the bureaucratic part of my work (finances, contracts, etc), and after I'll open Photoshop and illustrate colourful and fun art. Usually with some mental and physical health breaks (play with my cat a little, go to the gym, eat some lunch...) After all the art is done, I'll reply to any other emails that need my attention and go have some me time.

Carol Sartori

Do you have a favourite piece in your portfolio or particular Beehive project that you enjoyed, if so could you share it and talk about it?

My favourite one is the book Carola Vai para Escola. It's a Brazillian book that helps children first start school! The author is a child's psychologist and has many books that help children and parents. I love the result, and I have received lots of emails and DM's from teachers and parents saying how much they love the character and that the book has helped them a lot.

Carol Sartori

What is your favourite part of the illustration process?

There are two: First sketches, giving the idea life and shape, I feel like it's a fun puzzle that i have to find the right pieces for. And shading, giving the illustrations it's final look and volume. I feel it brings the drama that the art sometimes needs haha.

Carol Sartori

Do you have any 'dream projects' that you'd like to work on?

I'd love to work on a book series with different and fun characters to design. I love designing characters, but having a big project to do that would be awesome! I love creating monsters, cute kids, animals that talk, or even some vegetables with feelings.

Carol Sartori

Carol Sartori

Carol Sartori

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