Beehive Illustration

Getting To Know The Bees! Laura Arias

1 September 2021

This time it is the turn of Illustrator Laura Arias to enlighten us on her colourful creations and she gives some inspiring words to new illustrators.

Tell us about where you live and work?

Hi! I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I work in my beautiful apartment accompanied by my two pets: Coco and Martini! Yes, like the drink!

How do you get inspired to produce a piece of artwork?

I think a lot before I start drawing, I look at images of colleagues on Pinterest, I imagine colors I could use, and I always try to add something extra: like a touch of magic! I like to surprise.

If you could switch jobs with someone, who would it be?

I would be a kindergarten teacher, I love teaching and children, they are a great source of inspiration.

What advice would you give to new illustrators?

Believe in yourself, it's not an easy path, but it's worth it. Draw, draw, and keep drawing, have fun! and dare to show yourself to the world. Keep an open mind and keep learning.

What is your favourite place on the planet?

Easy to answer! My home, my country. I did not travel much, but I'm very sure that I would never leave it.