Beehive Illustration

Getting To Know The Bees! Serineh Eliasian

14 April 2022

Tell us about where you live and work?

I moved to Armenia about three and a half years ago and I'm pretty happy that I'm now living and working in my beautiful motherland.

I have a little corner in our apartment where my imaginary world becomes true. I love to decorate my desk with plants and every little thing that inspires me. When the weather is good, I love to sit in our balcony and work there looking at the beautiful trees.

What is your favourite artwork in your portfolio and why?

Personal illustrations are my favourite ones, like a childhood memory or a dream that I turn into an illustration. The main reason is that I can choose the theme, the character, the environment, the colour palette and I can let my imagination fly as far as I like.

What do you do to overcome a creative block?

I usually try to do something completely different from what I actually have to do. I bake my favourite cakes and cookies, look through some magazines or books, go for a walk, play the piano, … and then when I least expect, ideas start coming to me. And if this doesn't work either, I start thinking about my childhood memories and dreams, and sketch some little scenes in my sketchbook.

What inspired you to be an illustrator?

I remember as a child living in Iran, there were not many options for picture books at that time. When me and my mom were going for a walk, there were some newspaper stands selling a few picture books with dull colours at the bottom row. I always peeked through all those people buying newspapers to hopefully find a new picture book to read, but I always got disappointed since they always sold the same ones.

I guess this affected me deeply and directed me unconsciously to become an illustrator with the biggest wish to create lots of great picture books so no child would feel the lack of it.

What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

When I moved to Armenia, I decided to take the risk and become a full time illustrator, trying to do what I love the most and make a living out of it. It was not an easy job, changing both your country and career at the same time, but I was determined to do it. In the meantime, I took online illustration courses and I drew every day no matter how hard it felt not to compare your art to others. The journey continues and I'm so happy that I started to take it.