New Artist: Rose Skelton - Beehive Illustration

New Artist: Rose Skelton

9 January 2024
New Artist: Rose Skelton

Rose is based in the picturesque town of Falmouth, nestled in the southwest of Cornwall, famous for its stunning scenery and vibrant art scene.

"Living here is a source of constant joy for me, as I am surrounded by natural beauty which inspires my illustrations."

Rose Skelton

Rose is a recent graduate of Falmouth University and a huge up and coming talent, we are extremely excited to see Rose continue to flourish and expand her portfolio.

What inspired you to become an illustrator?

The journey into illustration felt incredibly natural to me. The journey began in my childhood and, like many artists, has been a lifelong passion since. Nothing brings me greater joy than the act of creation. I vividly recall my mother's wise words about finding a vocation that feels more like a calling than work, and that's when I began taking illustration more seriously.

Rose Skelton

How long have you been working as an illustrator?

My journey as a working illustrator commenced with a small venture into pet portraiture in 2016. However, it was during this time that I realised my true passion lay in illustrating rather than fine art. This realisation led me to pursue a degree in illustration at Falmouth University, specialising in Children's Book Illustration.

Having graduated last year, I am fortunate to be embarking on my second children's book and have enjoyed contributing to three children's magazines.

Rose Skelton

How would you describe your illustration style?

I'd describe my illustration as whimsical and detailed. I find joy in simplifying shapes whenever possible, and I often gravitate towards a rich and warm color palette, with the goal of creating a touch of magic and nostalgia.

Paying close attention to detail has always been a focal point in my work, driven by a childhood fascination with the intricate background details found in books like the Brambly Hedge. Creating these small, detailed, scenes is a particularly enjoyable part of my artistic process. My inspiration draws heavily from nature, incorporating animals, plants, and historical elements into my illustrations. This blend of influences plays a significant role in shaping my work.

Rose Skelton

Who/What have been your key influences as an illustrator?

Pinpointing key influences is a daunting task with the multitude of incredible illustrators out there. However, if I were to narrow it down, I'd highlight the work of Rebecca Green, Briony May Smith, and Freya Hartas. I draw inspiration from past illustrators such as Beatrix Potter and Jill Barklem. The intricate designs of the Georgian and Victorian periods also captivate me. Wildlife has always played a significant role in influencing my work; it's challenging to observe animals without envisioning their anthropomorphic lives, snug by a fire with a jumper on and a book in hand!

Rose Skelton

What type of projects, clients, or illustration markets would you like to work in?

A dream project for me would be illustrating a book for NosyCrow and seeing it showcased in the National Trust shop. I'm drawn to the idea of crafting tales featuring animals on their adventures and illustrated biographies of historical figures like Beatrix Potter or William Morris. I have a keen interest in creative narratives and backgrounds.

Rose Skelton

What do you like doing when you are not illustrating?

Beyond the world of illustration, my greatest joys involve spending quality time with my family and exploring both the tranquil beaches where I live and the serene landscapes of natural beauty alongside my partner, son, and our cherished little dog. National Trust sites in particular hold a special place in my heart, consistently leaving me recharged and inspired.

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