Publication Day! Luna Wolf Code: Danger - Beehive Illustration

Publication Day! Luna Wolf Code: Danger

15 February 2024
Publication Day! Luna Wolf Code: Danger

Illustrated by the very talented Deise Lino, we are delighted that best selling author and TV presenter Alesha Dixon's latest book - Luna Wolf Code: Danger is out today!

Published by Scholastic

Luna Wolf and her amazing powered-up animals are back! A gang of rogue super-pets (an elephant, a cheetah and a rhino) are on the rampage and causing chaos across the city - and the police are calling Code Danger to summon Luna to restore order! And when Luna digs deeper, she discovers that a shadowy villain is behind it all - a villain with ties to her family's past and an evil agenda that must be stopped.

This is the second book in the Luna Wolf Series that Deise has illustrated.

"I absolutely loved working on this series! It's an exciting adventure featuring a black female character that I can personally relate to. I think this is what makes all the difference! When I illustrate a story that resonates with me, such as Luna Wolf, the work feels effortless and enjoyable. I hope the illustrations capture the same energy Luna experiences in her adventure."

Deise Lino - Illustrator