The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince: an LGBTQ+ reimagining of a classic tale!

15 November 2022

We're so proud to showcase a brand new title from Owlet Press, illustrated by our very own Davide Ortu!

The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince is an update on the classic Snow Queen tale, placing LGBTQ+ characters front and centre in an icy but heartwarming adventure! We were excited to be working once again with Owlet and Samuel Langley Swain to bring the tale to life, Davide Ortu's sumptuous artwork.

In a recent interview with the Bookseller, author Ian Eagleton said: "It's such a privilege to be able to work with Owlet Press again on our new Christmas story, The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince, and it's been a pleasure to work alongside Davide Ortu, whose artwork and illustrations are cinematic, thrilling and beautiful. I really hope children will enjoy this wintry, mysterious adventure story which, once again, has LGBTQ+ representation and love at its heart. Books that reach out to our LGBTQ+ youth are needed now more than ever. They offer a chance for everyone to feel that they are important, special, supported and loved."

Congratulations to Davide, Ian, and the Owlet team for this important reimagining of a classic story - we're thrilled to see it out in the world!

Check out the full Bookseller article here.