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Find out how you can support 'We Need Diverse Books' through Beehive!

28 July 2021

Here at Beehive, we're committed to championing diversity and inclusion, and ensuring that our corner of the industry is involved in that mission is extremely important to us. We want readers of every age and background to be able to see their own lived experiences in the stories they consume, and be able to identify with characters who are valued by society regardless of their ethnicity, disabilities, or sexuality. We know representation matters, and a book's illustrated content informs a huge part of how those characters and their lives are perceived; it's our duty to ensure that the lives of children from all backgrounds are reflected within those books.

This month, we've added We Need Diverse Books as one of our chosen charitable initiatives. This means that with any commission, clients will be able to ask Beehive to donate to We Need Diverse Books as part of our selection of wonderful causes. You can find out more about how to support our charitable initiatives here.

We Need Diverse Books has a fantastic resource library, full of information aimed at parents, teachers, publishing professionals, writers, and more. There are programs and reading lists, as well Q&As with creatives from across the publishing world. We'd highly recommend checking out their brilliant and vital work.

Meanwhile, we've been asking our artists to share with us some work that highlights diverse representation. Take a look below at some of our favourite submissions!

Angeles Peinador

Marina Halak

David Belmonte

Laura Prioetti